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Dress Code

navy blue and khaki school uniform pants, shorts, skirts and jumpers
Student Dress

Cordova Elementary School is a mandatory uniform school. Students are expected to dress in uniform dress, as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook, reflecting pride in themselves and their school. The dress code is established to help ensure an atmosphere conducive to learning. A Uniform Assistance Program is available to assist families with the purchase of uniforms. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator in the school office, or by calling 602-841-0704, extension 4034, for more information or to receive an application.

If a student’s appearance is disruptive or inappropriate, the student will be required to contact his/her parent to change into appropriate dress.

navy blue button up sweater

Cold Weather

  • While students are outside, students may wear coats, jackets, or sweatshirts. Such outerwear must not exhibit words or symbols inappropriate in the school setting. Outerwear may not be worn inside the classroom.
  • In the classroom, students may wear plain navy blue or white sweaters or sweatshirts without hoods . Cordova logo sweatshirts are also allowed.

The school administrator(s) will make the final decision regarding what is appropriate dress. Violations may result in disciplinary action.