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December 2016

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The Alhambra School District installed an automated parent notification system called the Emergency Event Notification System .  This system alerts parents in emergency situations, if there’s a change in the normal routine of the school day, or provides information on upcoming school and district events.  In the case of an emergency, parents will receive an automated phone call at home, at work, on a cell phone, by e-mail, or by all four methods mentioned.  To ensure that you are notified if there is an emergency or important event, the school and district need current and accurate mailing contact information.  Please be sure to update this information by completing the Alhambra District Emergency Card each year.  Also, if you move or change phone numbers, please notify the school and provide accurate contact information immediately.

Blackboard Connect
- The principal also sends periodic messages to our parents using the Blackboard Connect automated calling system.  These messages are also delivered via e-mail to our parents who provide an e-mail address during the registration process.  Please contact the front office staff when you establish a an e-mail address and you wish to receive messages in this electronic format.